Advanced Solutions

The business development and innovations unit of Derech Eretz Group

Advanced Solutions Road Systems Ltd is the Management and Business Development Company of the Derech Eretz Group. In addition, Advanced Solutions is also responsible for the innovation efforts of the group.

Derech Eretz Group is a profound and experienced Operation and Maintenance (O&M) group of Toll Collection projects and other large scale transportation projects since 2002:

  • Toll Highways
  • Toll Tunnels
  • PFI projects
  • Road Maintenance & Infrastructure works

Other members of Derech Eretz Group:

  • Derech Eretz Operator – The operation company of Cross Israel Highway (Highway 6)
  • Hacarmel Lanes – The operation company of the Carmel Tunnels
  • North Road – O&M company responsible for more than 300km of interurban and urban roads (Private Financing Initiative project)
  • Safe Way – Road maintenance, road safety, certified by Netivei Israel
  • Netivim Mishtalvim – One stop shop for toll collection

In 2017, Advanced Solutions began performing infrastructure surveys using drones, including road structures, bridges, water canals, retaining walls, and signs bridges.


Advanced Solutions offers a rich experience in a wide range of fields:

  • Complete end-to-end Operation and Maintenance customized solutions: technology, operation, safety, customer services, and marketing
  • Characterization, integration and O&M of Tolling, Billing, TMS & FMS systems
  • Systems engineering management  – supervision, quality control and safety surveys
  • Infrastructure services and transportation asset management services
  • Technological and integrative approaches to projects various stages (bid-construction-operation)
  • Consulting service
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