Highway Maintenance


Performed for:

  • Bridges and road structures
  • Safety barriers’ on-going maintenance, signs, traffic signals and markings

Routine activities include:

  • Outline plan preparation –project details analysis by a Quality Assurance Manager following the approval of a detailed planning and building an appropriate plan
  • Laboratories Inspection –operated laboratories for contractors’ quality assurance systems, approval/disqualify laboratory employees on-site, apparatus and equipment used by laboratories
  • Measurements – quality assurance qualified surveyors who compare quality assurance plans with measurements performed by contractors’ employees
  • Contractors’ systems monitor and control – verification and approval sources of supply, service suppliers and materials provided by subcontractors, participation in  test sections implementations as part of an advance control, examination of supervision process outside work sites and inspection of  logs monitor and inspection forms
  • Discrepancies – system management for report and manage discrepancies in projects
  • Documenting processes – information and data collection, statistical analysis of actions carried out in projects in accordance with relevant specification
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