Netivim Mishtalvim

Over 10 years of experience in revenue collection

Netivim Mishtalvim

Netivim Mishtalvim has over 10 years of experience in:

  1. Tolling Revenue Collection – From the initial notification phase to legal actions.
  2. Advanced Collection Technology – Controlling the collection process with advanced technologies that integrate with the client’s core systems.
  3. One Stop Shop – End to End service for the client.
  4. Focus on quality – Client-oriented customer service

The company provides a variety of services to its clients:

  • Generating collection processes
  • Technological solutions that integrate with the client’s systems
  • Customer Service Center in various regions
  •  HR recruiting services.
  • On Job Training

The Team


Maya Nakar

Collection Manager 

Maya serves as the Collection Manager and since 2014.

As part of her role, Maya is in charge of generating and leading the company’s collection processes and providing the client with a One-Stop-Shop collection experience.

Maya has been in Derech Eretz Group since 2004.


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