Operating Toll Roads

Operating a Toll Road requires experience in Toll Collection, Traffic management, and top quality customer services.

Derech Eretz Group aims for the highest standards in all relevant aspects – From keeping traffic flowing by using top quality traffic management system and road service units,  through advanced billing and revenue collection systems, to customer service that aims to provide the optimal client’s experience.

Tolling and Billing systems

Operating and maintaining the tolling and billing system is highly important in order to achieve the optimal collection rate, especially in post-payment toll roads.

Those tolling-billing system include the recognition of a passing vehicle, identification (via License Plate or Transponder), trip processing, rating, and billing (electronic via email or via mail).

As part of the tolling system, Derech Eretz also operates a highly advanced enforcement system that allows a dedicated enforcement unit to detect violators in real-time.




Group patrol units, which operate 24/7, are the operational arms of the control rooms, enabling the operations units to quickly respond to any traffic condition and to provide an immediate solution in order to mitigate potential damages, which might impact traffic flow

The patrol network, which provides free of charge service to highways and tunnels users, has 3 main objectives:

  • Monitor routes and identify hazards
  • Assist drivers
  • Initial handling of emergency events and assist emergency forces

Patrol teams are carefully chosen and undergo broad training that includes highways and tunnels routes familiarity, usage of technological devices, driving skills and first aid


Group service methodology is to provide a complete, adequate quality and “one touch” service experience for each and each customer.

Our customer service includes a variety of communication channels:

  • In-Person customer service Centre
  • Combined computerized answering system with human incoming calls center , which records a monthly average of over 100,000 responses
  • Smartphone invoices payment
  • Online service for receiving and paying invoices in addition to other enabled actions for subscribers


Systems include identification and inclusion of customers’ journeys, data processing, invoicing and successful collection. All payments are paid post-trip

The unique feature of the sophisticated systems enables FREE FLOW traffic – high speed entering and exiting without slowing down.

Vehicles identification methods:

  • Photographing license plates – also known as LPR, license plate recognition (by cameras), for both registered and unregistered customers
  • On Board Unit (OBU) – a radio device suitable for registered customers only

In addition, the group operates a real time enforcement unit. When a violating driver enters the highway, the system recognizes this entry and immediately sends an online alert to the unit’s patrol vehicles, which are spread out along the highway and whose task, among others, is to trace violating drivers who are than called to pull to the side of the road, and have the options of either on-site payment (cash or credit card) or car towing until debt is paid in full.

The Derech Eretz Group takes pride itself in recording over 99% collection rate

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