Safe Way

Road services and civil maintenance

Safe Way

Safe Way on the Roads Ltd provides a range of roadside services for intercity and urban roads, including maintenance, handling existing infrastructures and repairs, both for group companies and externally.

Main Services for which Safe Way was qualified by the National Roads Authority include:

  • Road Marking
  • Traffic and safety arrangements
  • Installation and repair of safety barriers
  • Manufacturing and installing road signs

In addition, Safe Way is a recognized supplier of Israel’s Ministry of Defense

Other services include:

  • Operation of patrol units
  • Superstructure repairs
  • Gardening and cleaning services for transportation projects

Company is registered in the Contractors Registrar in various fields related to the activities above.

Since 2014, Safe Way is involved in various projects of Installation & Maintenance of Electro-Mechanical Systems in addtion to Road Street Lighting.

Company is registered in the Contractors Registrar and is recognized to perform electricity related projects.

 In 2015, Safe Way entered the field of Installation of Solar Panels and completed installing 140,000 solar panels fir the 40 MW solar project in Kibbutz Ketura.

Safe Way is ISO 9001:2008 certified

The Team


Asaf Zoref

General Manager

Asaf serves as GM since 2013 and has been with the Derech Eretz Group since 2010, serving previously as GM of 431 Ways.

Prior joining the Derech Eretz Group, Asaf served as an engineer in both the Claims Department of JV18, which established one of Highway No. 6’s sections and in the Budget Control Department of CJV, which built Highway No. 6’s central section and as an engineer in managing various projects for a construction company.

Asaf holds an MBA from Bar Ilan University and a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the Technion in Haifa


Shai Garuda

Operations Manager

Shai assumed current position in 2010. His responsibilities include execution of road maintenance on projects managed by group subsidiaries, management of personnel and subcontractors, inventory management, procurement, customer price proposals and more. Prior joining the group, Shai served as COO for Ecosystems Company, which specialized in water reclamation.

Shai holds an MA in Business Administration from Ono Academic College, where he majored in Environmental Management. He also holds a B.Sc. in Life Sciences from Tel Aviv University

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